Me neither!

But I know they’re getting on your nerves, too…

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Here’s a typical situation: when you ask a partner “Are you angry at me?”, they reply: “No, I am not!” At that moment, it is obvious from their body language that they are far from feeling good, but they continue to behave that way. Their anger is in them and is making a big pressure inside.

How can we recognize passive-aggressive people and most importantly, how can we deal with them?

For those of you who never heard of this behavior type, here is a definition:

Passive-aggressive behavior is a pattern…

Clear your mind today

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This is a familiar scenario: you get up, get dressed, and rush to work or school. But your head feels groggy. You’re dazed and confused, and you have a bunch of essential meetings or classes today.

What can you do?

You’re dealing with brain fog. Most have experienced it at one time or another. It can be described as cognitive fatigue, lack of proper judgment, and impaired memory episodes. Here’s what can help you stay on top of the game.

  • Cold showers (or even cold-ish) are a good option. I know this topic is getting very dull, but a cold…


…Or make it even worse!

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Does this way of thinking really work? Yes, it does. If you act “as if” you already are who you want to be, that is a good way to become that person. But that is not the magic solution: it is only the beginning.

Fake it until you make it is a self-help mantra. It is a part of almost every talk about self-suggestion, influencing your subconsciousness, affirmations, visualizations, etc. If you convince yourself (your subconsciousness, rather) that you are already something you want to become, you will become that. It is only a matter of time.

The way we…


You probably won’t guess what it is

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Why do you exercise?

  • Not that “it’s healthy” explanation. It is true, but not motivating enough.
  • “I don’t want to be fat” — that is a little better. But it is still not the real reason.
  • “I love the way exercising makes me feel” — that sounds even better.
  • Let me tell you my reason: mind over matter!

As you can already guess, this piece is not about well-known physical benefits of exercising. This is about the mental (spiritual) aspect of training.

I realized a long time ago that physical exercise is the best proof of the proverb mind over…

What is success for you

It depends on your definition of success

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This article is not about how to be successful. It is about your perspective on success and how it makes all the difference in the world.

Let us start from a situation where you have a goal. Here is my case: I am in good shape and I want to do the proper muscle. I can do 15 pull ups in a row, 150 in total. I am really close, but I still cannot muscle up. Am I successful or not? One could argue: you haven’t reached your goal (yet), so you are not successful. Others could point out that…

Status Quo

That cozy place that gets you nowhere!

Long time ago, I did not know what a “comfort zone” is. Then it became a really popular thing. Everyone was saying that making progress means getting out of your comfort zone. Well, what the hell is this place and how can we get out of it?

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“The concept of comfort zone refers to a psychological state in which we feel safe and do not experience anxiety or fear. It is a “space” that we know completely and in which we control almost everything.” (▷ What is the Comfort Zone — and what’s not?)

Comfort zone is a place where…

The vampire hours or the ultimate productivity hack?

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We are bombarded by stories about how successful people get up early and that is why we should do it too if we want to be successful. So, will get up early make you a millionaire? Here’s a shocker: No!!!

It can be a first step to reaching your dream life or just another experiment you tried and quit after a few weeks because you got bored. As usual, it depends on your mindset.

Here are some facts about getting up early:

  1. Early risers can better plan their day and organize themselves.
  2. You will sleep better.
  3. It reduces stress and…

Gurus: yes or no?

They speed up the learning process and help you make quantum leaps

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We live in the age of gurus. Since the ’70s, we had all kinds of gurus offering us wisdom, knowledge,and guidance in all areas of life. Many of them turned out to be manipulators, psychopaths, con man, or just ignorant quacks. Some of them were real teachers. Yet, their reputation is far from spotless.

But guess what? We need them, after all.

The word Guru is an old Sanskrit word for a teacher, leader, or expert. However, in our recent past it has gained a bit of a different meaning:

“a: a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of…

Freedom in danger

An opinion you are probably not going to like!

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If there was a topic I did not want to talk or write about, it’s Covid-19. This is the most popular topic in the news and probably on Medium, too. So, why not write about it?

It is not because I have nothing to say about it, but because I have too much to say.

I don’t have a problem with this virus itself. I mean, obviously I do, but there is a bigger elephant in the room.

The problem is the narrative that the governments, scientists, doctors, and big pharma are serving us.

Let me be clear, I do…

Based on a true story!

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I was a bit hesitant when I first heard about the idea of writing about ourselves. It is not that I hate writing about myself because everyone likes talking about themselves. It is just that I assumed that a short introduction that is in our profile would suffice.

Then when you put some thought into it, you realize that every writer should have an About Me section. You can look at it as a business card or type of Resume.

  • A philosopher by education, an esoteric by conviction, and a writer by choice
  • a proud husband and a father of…

Nikola Ojdanić, Ph.M.

Philosopher, Writer, Communication Expert. Into Self-Improvement on all levels: spiritually, mentally, physically. Carpe Diem!

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